Wendy W.
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confessions of a KOR patient

"I had tetracycline stained teeth all of my life. It was very embarrassing. As a child other kids would ask, "What is wrong with your teeth?"  Needless to say I was not a big smiler. As life moved forward I was criticized, "Why don't  you ever smile?"  was the next criticism.  I was self conscious.  In 1984 my father gave me bonding as a gift for graduation. I was thrilled with it then.  It was a big change.  Bonding changed the color and the shape and made my teeth thicker.  It lasted for about 8 years and then became discolored and pitted.  I had a dentist take it off and began the hunt for other options.  The other options included capping all of my teeth. This was not an option for me both financially and also I had no intention of the maintenance  required to maintain replacements later in life. I also could not get my head around grinding my teeth into points.  I only have 3 fillings, my teeth are perfect except for the color.  I also looked into veneers, which were the same in my view as the caps.  The Zoom whitening came onto the market and I was told that it would not work for me.  I was referred to Dr. Bocccuzzi  a few years ago and met with her to establish myself as a patient. A friend of the family had amazing results with her dental needs.  At the time of my consultation she recommended veneers which I was not interested in. I know she was frustrated and really wanted to help me.  Recently  I went in for a cleaning and she came bursting in with a medical journal showing the results of a new product and the amazing results.  I was in!

We proceeded to do several in office treatments and then I used the product nightly.  The change was blinding!  My teeth have now settled into a comfortable white,  natural shade and they are MY teeth!  The process was a bit uncomfortable at times, but I would do it again and recommend that anyone else with this condition go for it!  I now have photos taken and I am still amazed at how incredible my smile is.  I look back at old photos and am shocked at just how grey and yellow my teeth were.  I confess when I first had my teeth whitened I had to practice my smile in the mirror to teach myself at  HOW to SMILE!!

My advise is make the investment in yourself.  Your confidence and self esteem will raise.

Dr. Boccuzzi is so dedicated to her patients, she is so excited to make a difference. "

Wendy Weber

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