Laura U.
Before After

When it comes to dentists, Dr Boccuzzi is the BEST! I have spent many hours in her chair as she filled cavities and redid my upper teeth so that I could have a beautiful smile. I am constantly receiving compliments about my smile. I have had around twelve crowns put on by Dr. Boccuzzi and I can promise you that she is so gentle.  In fact, I have fallen asleep many times while she has been working in my mouth!  From the first time she examined my teeth I knew this experience was going to be much different then my dental experiences in the past. Before ever going into any procedure, she showed me exactly what was going on with my teeth and what she was going to do to fix them. She never settles for anything but perfect when it comes to fixing them.  If you want a smile that looks good and feels good, you must see Dr Boccuzzi!

Dentist - Pompano Beach, Jaline Boccuzzi, D.M.D, A.A.A.C.D, P.A., 2122 Northeast 2nd Street, Pompano Beach, FL 33062 (954) 941-4310